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Types of alloy saw blades


Alloy saw blade tooth shape selection of commonly used profile about tooth (teeth alternating), flat teeth, ladder flat teeth Gao Dichi, trapezoidal tooth (inverted conical teeth), dovetail toothed Tuo Fengchi, and do not see more industrial grade three left right, left and right about flat teeth etc..
1 about the use of the most widely used, cutting speed, repair and grinding is relatively simple. Suitable for cutting all kinds of soft and hard wood, cross sections and MDF, plywood, particleboard etc.. Equipped with anti anti around the elastic protection gear tooth is dovetail toothed for longitudinal cutting various burl plate; with negative rake angle of left and right tooth saw blade due to the sharp sawtooth, cutting quality is good, usually used for veneer cutting.
2 flat tooth saw is rough, the cutting speed is slow, the grinding is the most simple. It is mainly used for cutting of common wood, the cost is low, and the aluminum with smaller diameter is used to keep the cutting, reduce adhesion, or use the cutting blade to keep the groove bottom.
3. Ladder flat teeth is a combination of trapezoidal toothed peace tooth, grinding is more complex, sawing can be reduced when the veneer cracking phenomenon, applicable to all single and double veneer artificial board, fire board sawing. Aluminum saw blade in order to prevent adhesion and also more than the number of teeth with a ladder flat teeth.
4 inverted ladder of tooth is often used to flitch saw slot bottom blade, in sawing double veneer artificial board, slotting saw adjust the thickness of the bottom surface grooving, again by the main saw complete plate saw cutting, to prevent the kerf appear the phenomenon of edge collapse.
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