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Domestic tool market share will be improved


"China's tool industry 's" Twelfth Five Year "period will focus on the development of efficient cutting tools, domestic efficient tool for high-end market share will increase from 30% to 40%; at the same time, to provide a full range of services in aerospace, energy transportation, defense industry and other modern manufacturing industry, in order to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in our country."
August 22 ~ 25, China machinery industry metal cutting tool technology association, Hao Ming in 2011, the executive director of the knife Association, on behalf of the Association for the tool industry, five development goals to the delegates made the above description.
Around how to achieve the "Twelfth Five Year" development goals, Hao Ming director general on the development of domestic tool policy measures, system construction, technical measures and other aspects of the planning ideas. When it comes to technical measures, Hao Ming pointed out that to achieve the breakthrough in three aspects: first, to achieve high-speed steel, hard alloy, super hard tool material key breakthrough; two is in the coating technology, to establish the key coating technology platform, research new coating method, realize with independent intellectual property of coating material system breakthrough; three is to continue to promote the development of digital design and manufacturing technology, and vigorously promote the application of modern tools manufacturing equipment, establish a practical cutting database system, research and development of advanced CNC tool grinding, material forming equipment and cutting edge equipment, etc..
Domestic tool market has great potential for development. According to Shen Zhuanghang, in 2009, the financial crisis ridden, the overall consumption of the domestic tool market is only down about 15%, while the foreign developed countries, the consumption of cutting tools is generally decreased by 45% ~ 40%. But only a year later, driven by strong demand in the manufacturing sector, the domestic market consumption of cutting tools to quickly recover and exceed the highest level in history, reaching a record high of 33000000000 yuan.
2011 domestic tool market is still maintained rapid growth, is expected to create a new history of the highest point. "Statistics show that in the first half of the domestic tool market to achieve the growth of 25% to 30%, although the growth rate has dropped since July, but the annual growth rate of 15% can be achieved." Shen said bolstering departure. In comparison, the international tool market in recent years to maintain a stable recovery, but the average annual growth rate of conservative estimate is maintained at 3% to 5%, while the domestic market in the past year after the rapid growth, it will gradually stabilize to maintain an average annual growth rate of 15% to 3, therefore, the domestic market capacity growth rate will be 10% times faster than the international market.
Therefore, bolstering departure Shen think China has become the world's most development potential of the tool market, and many transnational tools group also in the post crisis era of development strategy, without exception, the expanding tool sales in China as the preferred company Asia Pacific headquarters, R & D in the heart, training centers, logistics centers and other have settled in China, to China as the center of radiation in Asia, more direct and convenient service to our customers, better meet the special needs of customers in the Asia Pacific region.
The reason why the Chinese market is so much attention, the main reason lies in the Chinese market share in its global market share in the proportion of growing. In order to seize the Chinese market, foreign tool manufacturing company are carefully studied Chinese equipment industry needs, high mountain of the cutting tool in the year established the Ministry of industry development in to industry as the research object, focusing on providing industry typical parts processing solutions. The Department's technical experts are responsible for a key industry, focusing on industry development trends, solve the problem of the industry's tool application technology, the industry is not a regular tool for the industry application training.
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