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About saw blade cutting


1, idling, especially new matrix for the first time, the need to idle for about 30 minutes, the high temperature in summer season also need water idling, its purpose lies in further eliminate the effects of cutter head welded on the substrate, and enhance blade under the condition of high rotation speed to keep the intrinsic quality of memory.
2, blocks shall not be less than 0.5m3, and placed with a secure bottom surface shall be with a wooden pad, plug real and firmly, blocks should be located on the symmetrical positions on the table, to ensure the stability of the trolley and blocks, and shall not be shaking, shaking phenomenon.
3, according to the length, width, height adjustment switch blocks, the saw blade lifting and car travel in the range of effective and reliable in. Sawing blade knife should leave before the highest blocks of 10 ~ 20mm. After sawing, sawing mouth from blocks at the bottom should be left 20 - 40 mm, the saw blade go run a knife around, should make the blade exit blocks kerf, distance shall be not less than 150 200mm, to prevent the blade from hitting the blocks.
4, the saw blade idling stability before a trial cutting, no blade edge and blocks contact start saw blade, cutting are not allowed to stop the saw blade rotation must exit saw opening rear can stop rotating.
5, cutting if it is found that the blocks sloshing should immediately stop cutting, and to be blocks fixed firmly before it can continue to work, cutting, are not allowed to arbitrarily moving blocks.
6, cutting found of the saw blade is obviously slow down even the knife clamping phenomenon, may is the slippage of the belt, a pressing nut loose or depth depth is too big, take the knife speed too fast, should timely adjust.
7, line speed should be compatible with the hardness and wear resistance of the stone, it is recommended to choose the next table line speed cutting different types of stone. Tip: online speed is not high, increase the cutting efficiency, will reduce the life of the saw blade.
8, feed rate, depends in material processing performance, of every kind of material when depth of cut must have a range of feed speed, if the speed is too high, diamond to speed up the wear and tear or even fall off, resulting in excessive consumption of saw blade, if speed is too low, will lead to the blade self dressing process can not be normal, thus grinding blunt, slipping losing cutting ability. In general, the feed rate in the cut to slow, the cutting should be uniform, for the common typical material, when the cut depth is 20mm, recommend the following feed rate table for your reference, when the thickness change, cutting speed can be cut area (min / cm2) to convert. Tip: the first feed or each plate three times before walking should be halved for.
9, cutting depth for medium hardness of stone such as marble, limestone can cut through, for hard stone and grinding of granite and sandstone should step by cutting, single saw for cutting granite, the depth of cut is generally 10 to 20mm, marble cutting depth is 50-100mm and double cutting hard granite and each depth for 3 - 5mm, should according to the hardness of stone, use the saw blade and saw machine performance and recommended the following efficiency table for your reference. Common material cutting efficiency table note: "1 level" said low power precision machining; "2" level, said high power rough machining.
10, saw blade rotation direction and stone feed direction is the same as that of the CIS cleavage, contrary to an inverse cutting, and an inverse cutting, because of a to the vertical component of the form off the stone. Therefore, solid stone, under the same conditions should be as far as possible the use of CIS cleavage. When using the reverse cutting, cutting depth to reduce, generally reduced to the cutting of 1/3 - 1/2.
11. To sum up, choose the basic requirements of cutting process is of low hardness and cutting performance of stone, deep walking, whereas shallow cut quickly, on the same stone and corresponding sawing machine, saw blade should be in high cutting efficiency, cutting plate of good quality, saw blades, and long service life of the matrix parameters, four complementary, interdependent, absolutely not generalized. When the cutting speed of the saw blade can not be maintained, it is showed that the saw blade grinding is blunt, and the cutting depth and cutting speed can be reduced.

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